Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harnessing the Power of Tesla

Kathy writes, "Flying through Steam Sky City yesterday, I noticed Miss Falcon had added a feature to her Tesla Tower: an (electric?) organ with enormous speakers. Using the Tower as a source of electricity, I estimated that the speakers could produce up to 130 decibels of sound, creating the possibility of setting a record right here in Caledon, and, of course, damaging the hearing of any audience members."

Of course [she continued], what constitutes "loud" may be far more subjective than a mere decibel reading would indicate, as this piece suggests. Gentlemen, gird yourselves before reading further.

For example, 808 State are probably the loudest band I've ever heard in my so-called adult life— the bass frequencies at a show they played in Boston several years ago actually made my testicles hurt. It really was like getting kicked in the balls, which is something that hadn't happened to me since I was a kid. Actually, it was more like that feeling you get 20 or 30 minutes after you've been kicked in the nuts— that sort of dull, aching pain.
Good times!

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