Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Pair of Aircraft

My typist is fighting some sort of grunge, and thus had some unexpected time at home today. This was lucky for me, as I had some unexpected time to wander aimlessly.

Just down the street from me, in the Downs, was a new air craft - in what must be the fastest turnover of property in Caledon I have yet to see, as the site was but recently home to Gor-jus Animations and the Curious Seamstress . I shall have to make friends with the owner, in case I need a quick getaway.

Over in Lovelace Liberty, Miss Dimsum is ready for her own quick getaway, with Mr. Volare's Cephalaero Squirt idling, and making me feel much better about the amount of smoke I was emitting into the atmosphere.

I spent some time in the Santa Catalina sim, admiring the aircraft there...sadly, somewhat expensive and anachronistic aircraft, including a lovely Lockheed Electra and what looked to be a Mustang. I whined a little and moved on.

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