Saturday, February 21, 2009

Le Soiree Noir

Lady Lavendar Beaumont, and Lord and Lady Margulis hosted Le Soire Noir (twice!), a celebration of Art Deco and motion pictures, held high above Thistle Hill Keep.

One entered on a silver carpet, the flashes of paparrazi in one's eyes:

The magnificent Art Deco build was enormous (and sprinkled with free goodies).

Partygoers included Miss Redathena Viper,

Her Grace, Lavendar Beaumont,

Misses Darlingmonster Ember and EppieBlack Wheatcliffe,

Captain Rachire Wulluf,

Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus Margulis (Autopilotpatty Poppy),
Miss Jaz Beverly,
Miss Random Wezzog and Doc Wrangler,
Miss Corrine Wycliffe and Mr. Darkstone Aeon,
and Yours Truly dancing with Miss Minako Masala. Never fear, we hid the pink gin before the young lady came by.
Not only did the Twenties roar Saturday afternoon, they roared again at night!

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