Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Observations

While attempting to assist a gentleman friend to obtain a suitable wardrobe - he is new to Caledon, and is endeavoring to adapt his attire to better blend in - I thought we had achieved success, thanks to a combination of Mr. Sands's waistcoats and Mr. Magellan's shoes, trousers, jacket, and tie. Then I noticed that the gentleman's ankles were showing.

I suppose I had given the matter little thought before yesterday, but gentlemen's outfits do not come with hose! The inventory Library provides ugly gray socks - something like an athletic sock that has not been washed for months - but nothing in the way of a basic black sock. I briefly considered the possibility that my friend was just too tall for his own good, and that the solution was longer trousers, yet that seemed an inadequate solution. I searched without success for black socks, until Mr. Magellan was kind enough to tell me that socks for gentlemen tended not to sell well, and that his solution was to create a passable sock texture in the avatar editing feature. Who knew?

While on my quest for hose, I found myself in Victoria City - a horribly laggy Victoria City, for some unknown reason - and there encountered two people. The first, an American Indian gentleman, was making his first visit to Caledon, though he was a grid veteran. We had a pleasant chat for a few moments. The second, pictured below, was perusing Miss Ellison's furniture.

She, too, was far from a newcomer. This suggests that she selected her attire out of the myriad of choices available over the past several years. Interesting choices. I thought Victorian furniture might fail to match the rest of her decor. She left before we could converse on the subject, however.

For a totally random observation, I will point out one of my typist's addictions: pens and paper. Yet, for all the choices available - and, let me assure you, my typist owns quite a few styles of paper, journals, notepads, spiral-bound notebooks, organizers, binders, and such - she is hopelessly disorganized when it comes to writing tasks. No one system seems to be suitable, so it's back and forth, back and forth among the various choices. The Levenger company is one of the chief enablers for this addiction, along with Fahrney's Pens. When will the madness end?

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