Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perenelle Revisited

Apparently I was a little hasty off the starting block in mentioning the new Duchy of Caledon Perenelle. According to a sign on the island: "Due to Unexpected Laboratory Efficiency," the Duchy "has Emerged from the Waters of the Void a little prematurely." Ah well, we await further developments.
Out of curiosity regarding the name, I went to that faultless font of fact, Wikipedia:

Perenelle Flamel (b.1340) was the wife of the famous 15th century alchemist Nicholas Flamel. Perenelle was a widow and married Nicolas Flamel at the age of 40. Together they had no children but used their enormous wealth to care for the sick and poor.

Nicholas Flamel was an alchemist whose central quest was the search for the philosopher's stone, and the elixir of life that would supposedly achieve immortality. [And his modern claim to fame might be appearing in a Harry Potter movie. - RJ]
However, Perenelle was actually a serious alchemist in her own right, and worked with her husband on the alchemical quest as his partner. It was Perenelle's nephew to whom Nicholas Flamel passed down the knowledge that he had gained from the book of Abraham the Mage (Also known as The Codex) . Perenelle is reported to have died before Nicolas, but legends maintain that both of them still live to this day, through the use of the philosopher's stone, the mythical elixir that, supposedly, can grant life eternal. Perenelle Flamel was, in her day, conidered to be a witch or sorceress, whose 'power' was to see the dead, ghosts and unrested souls.

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