Sunday, February 8, 2009

McLaglan-Whybrow Engagement Ball

Miss Alexx McLaglan (Mrs. Warburton, I suppose I should say) and Mr. Alastair Whybrow celebrated their engagement with a formal ball in Wunderbar, at the ballroom. Below are some pictures of the event (at little fuzzy, as the number of attendees made lag quite an issue).

The happy couple in the center of the dance floor.

Miss Muse Carmona dancing with young Miss Minako Masala.

Mr. Whybrow and Miss McLaglan in a rare moment of repose.

Her Grace, Diamanda Gustafson, looking regal in her tiara.

Jaegermeister Mavromichali Szondi, looking both resplendent and scary.

The fabulous Jameson sisters, looking...Jameson-ish.

Can one dance with one's sister? Hmm. WWVD (what would Victoria do)?
Our most heartfelt best wishes to Miss McLaglan and Mr. Whybrow!

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