Thursday, February 19, 2009

Air Taxis

I was minding my own business the other day at the Jameson Home for Incorrigible Gossips and Flirts when I saw an airship drift over the Downs. Peering at the ship through a handy spyglass, I saw that it contained no pilot!

Concerned that some enemy of Caledon had developed an unmanned aerial attack airship - let's call it the Predator, just to give it a name - my instinct was to scramble the Air Force and blast away. Unfortunately, I have no Air Force at my beck and call.

Instead, the best I could do was to jump in the Barsoom Express and plot an intercept course with the vehicle. Imagine my surprise when I tracked it to Mr. Bubba Daniels' airfield in the Downs! The airship made a gentle landing and de-rezzed.

I then saw a small aeroplane in the sky, equally unmanned. (The photograph above shows both craft.) Again, I followed it to the airfield, where the aeroplane made a perfect landing on the airstrip.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that Mr. Daniels has started an air taxi service, with regularly scheduled flights to Oxbridge Village and other destinations.

I commend Mr. Daniels for his ingenuity in his development of automatic flight controls, obviating the need for a pilot, which no doubt contributes to his ability to offer this service for a reasonable fee (zero). And I'll give myself a nice pat on the back for my restraint in shooting down the vehicles until I determined their origin.

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