Tuesday, February 17, 2009

See the Sky About to Rain

Kathy ventured into Creamshop, an atmospheric town where it rains. All the time. On the bright side (so to speak), at least it was dark.

She landed at the edge of what appeared to be a sewer tunnel. With rabbits. (What is it with Second Life and rabbits? Or have Kathy and I just been lucky to keep hitting rabbit-infested locations over the past month?) "Hellooooo! Anybody out there?"

The rain came down hard, and she took shelter in a storefront, under an awning. The rain formed puddles under the street lamps.

Taxis roared by outside, while Kathy waited for a break in the downpour by looking through albums. (For you kids out there, albums were the compact discs of much of the 20th century. Sort of like 8" floppy disks instead of 5 1/4"...er, 3 1/2"...er, never mind. Anyway, they were analog things, and they contained music.)

All that rain is a little depressing. Sometimes the only thing to do is sit in a cardboard box and hope things improve.


Andy said...

I, too, have explored there - and acquired a most splendid scripted umbrella for my pains.

I remain, etc
Random Merryman

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Mr. Merryman - I may have to visit myself, then! I have thought that an umbrella would come in handy in Caledon's unpredictable climate - rain, snow, the occasional bombardment of ash from the eruption of a volcanic island - but had found nothing suitable.

Andy said...

I shall have to experiment with it again, but I seem to recall that extra features of this particular example - on top of the expected different positions in which it might be held, both open and closed - are a golf club motion and the ability to dance down the lane with a happy refrain - what a glorious feeling! I was happy again...

Or I may be misremembering.

I remain, etc etc