Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's New in the Downs?

Following my observation that new structures were afoot in Glengarry, I took a walk in the other direction to find three substantial changes in Caledon Downs on my street alone!

First up, right next to Chez Jameson on the border of Glengarry (and nearly across the street from the Steampunk Resource Centre), Mr. Jer Mannonen has returned Canter's End to a more pastoral setting:

Mr. Mannonen sets the record for "Most Exterior Changes to a Plot Under Single Ownership," as his parcel has had several variations of the thatched-roof cottages seen above, an airship-cum-classroom floating above the ground, and a series of more modern houses - and those are just the ones I remember! I once noted to him that the view out the side of my house never gets boring.

Across the street, and adjacent to the Steampunk Resource Centre, is a plot with the lengthy name Gor-jus Animations and the Curious Seamstress (Miss Salacia Gustafson and Miss Kembri Tomsen, respectively). At left is a Victorian-style water tank, containing a mermaid AO and several stand-alone, uh, stands. Do I hear the distant roar of a certain white lioness who also sells a mermaid AO in Caledon? Inside the shop are additional animations, and Miss Tomsen's Victorian gowns, which are all quite lovely. I was struck with decision paralysis.

Finally, next to Mr. Mannonen is Miss 3Ring Binder's Celtic Steampunk structure:

Inside (and obscured by the superstructure in the above photo) is a staircase leading down to a small natural pool. The parcel appears to be still under construction. At the moment, I'll confess to seeing only a little Celtic and almost no Steampunk, but it is early days yet.

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