Monday, February 16, 2009

Boys will be Boys - In Any Language

Kathy reports on an amusing end to the weekend:

Just a slice of (Second) life. I was exploring a house when I met a nice young lady (who will be denoted by her initials, WD, in case she finds this embarrassing). Some not-so-nice-looking gentlemen were just outside. After exchanging greetings, I said.

Kathy Jameson: My guess is that you're a few minutes away from the gentlemen outside coming in here.
WD: Men?
Kathy Jameson: Just outside. :)
WD looks around
WD looks for the door
WD: Oh my
WD: Well ... maybe I should not be in a public house
Kathy Jameson: Certainly at that point you might want to be on your toes. :)
[The door opens and two blingtards enter.]
WD: Anyone who wears tennis shoes that big can't be harmful
Kathy Jameson smiles.
Kathy Jameson: Quite possibly.
Densiz Erin: haha
Densiz Erin: hey
Kathy Jameson: Hello, gentlemen.
Densiz Erin: whats going on
WD: These are gentlemen?
WD: They look like kids [and they really did]
Kathy Jameson giggles.
Densiz Erin: centilmenler geldi dio
Densiz Erin: hey
Densiz Erin: play with we?
WD: And kids who don't speak english
WD: Oh wow
WD kicks him in the balls
Densiz Erin: ohh
Densiz Erin: :S
Densiz Erin: hey kathy
Densiz Erin: come
Densiz Erin: follow me
Kathy Jameson: Er, thank you, but no.
More foolishness, punctuated by my drawing my Webley and pointing it at Mr. Erin's face. Of course, the inevitable dialogue follows:

Densiz Erin: see u leeter bi.tches
xmail Avril: Fuck you WD Fuck you
xmail Avril: :)

[We decamp for another locale, a little distance away.]
WD: Boys are such a pain
Kathy Jameson: I'm afraid they're back for round two.
xmail Avril: Hi baby
xmail Avril: Four some gruop sex ??? Lady
WD: Now ... you both listen ... and listen well
WD: You young men need to leave us alone
Densiz Erin: hahaha
WD: Now
Densiz Erin: gelmezler bence
Densiz Erin: yalnız takılın dedi
WD: Or ... you will not like the consequences
Densiz Erin: dene bakalım
Densiz Erin: ehe
Kathy Jameson notes dryly ,"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

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