Monday, February 9, 2009

New Neighbors in Glengarry

Every once in a while, I happen to notice changes in the neighborhood. My little house in the Downs borders upon Glengarry, so I take an interest in the goings-on in that direction.

Yesterday, I found two new homes, both quite nice, and very different from one another. First, on top of the hill, next to the To-a-T shop, is Miss Jillian Vayandar's Ridge Castle, an imposing stone structure with a little solarium to the left...

...and a tea pavilion (and carport for the automobile) across the road.

Down the hill, on the site of the Margulis-Poppy estate, I believe, is Miss Loretta String's aptly-named Peacock Garden.

They don't bite, do they?

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