Thursday, June 25, 2009

Babbage Square

Though I have been to New Babbage many times, I had never really explored it carefully. (Little did I know that the Primgraph would make New Babbage its featured sim. But exploring it myself was more interesting anyway.) I started in Babbage Square.

I wandered into the new town hall, an elaborate, multi-story creation, complete with elevators. The main floor has an up-to-date map of the entire nation.

The skyline of the town, with Pearse'd and Cut in the center of the picture, shows the industrial nature of many of the buildings, which belch out soot until the air becomes dark and thick even in the middle of the day.

Such is the price of progress, however. These small shops, with their charming fronts, caught my attention. The airship in the background is another signature of Babbage.

I had arrived shortly after some sort of building contest, and I relaxed for a few moments in one of the entries to the seating contest.

More of the Babbage Square skyline. In the center, the Loki Absinthe building.

Below, Cleanslate & Co.'s factory, complete with forbidding gate.

'Tis a dirty life, that of the Babbage', but the townsfolk seemed a happy lot. Perhaps that is what comes from having an absinthe distillery in the center of town.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Way back in the mists if time I wrote one of my free travel guides to Babbage not long after the second sim of Babbage canals had opened. I never did get time to complete one on the Canals sim, but I should still have the main one - I'll send you a copy in-wolrd so you can compare the photos to see where it has changed :)

Kathy Jameson said...

That would be delightful, sir! One of the things that keeps the various Steamlands fresh is the constant change - new buildings, new people. I would very much enjoy seeing images of the "historical" Babbage.