Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marie Antoinette's Escape

Marie Anoinette, otherwise known as Shana Pearl, recently wed (again, one supposes). You see, Miss Pearl, a recent arrival to Caledon, role-plays the title role in a group called Marie Antoinette's Escape - which is good, because, without the Escape, the role would be short-lived indeed.

I had a lovely IM conversation with the queen one day which started with my - polite, I hope - observation that her Opera House, next door to my little house in the Downs, did not quite fit on the plot: the back hung over the cliff by about two feet, and the front columns blocked the sidewalk. As the picture below shows, the Opera House is indeed a massive structure.

My unpleasant task turned out to be entirely unnecessary, as Miss Pearl was in the process of moving the structure. She observed that she had not yet done so because of wedding preparations, which led to a discussion of Marie Antoinette, the wedding, and the RP. (She also kindly invited me to the royal wedding which was, alas, held too late for me to attend, or I would have much better pictures for this show-and-tell.) (I might have been hard-pressed to find a suitable outfit in time, however. Much as "I haven't a thing to wear" is an all-too-common refrain, in this case it was true: rococo dress was requested.)

Then she mentioned that she had purchased a sim, which was to be the scene of the RP activity. This turned out to be none other than Mondserrat Volcanis, last seen erupting, housing Basement Cat, containing an Unlucky Chair, some UFOs, a murderous Teddy Bear, and other lethal bits. Consequently, the Escape is moored not far off the Caledonian west coast, still under the name Mondserrat Volcanis.

The island itself has changed a great deal, however, as the pictures show. The entire time I was there I experienced not a single life-threatening experience!

Then again, with Marie Antoinette, one never knows if life-threatening experiences will be just around the corner...


hba said...

You forgot to mention - you blog was 1 year old on this day! Happy Blogday!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Oh my, it completely slipped my mind! (A sure sign of aging - or attention-deficit disorder.) Thank you for the reminder and the kind words, sir!