Saturday, June 6, 2009

Murdann and Castle Wulfenbach

I had heard rumors of a sighting of Castle Wulfenbach over the skies of Murdann. Unlike many such rumors, this one turned out to be true.

The enormous structure, held aloft through a huge steam plant and a massive propulsion system, belongs, of course, to Baron Klaus Wulfenbach - one can see his flag flying to the right of the Steelhead insignia.

The control room, as one might imagine, is complex, as it needs to run the entire operation. Off to the left, however, one can see that, even in the most well-run organizations, occasionally something goes amiss.

Murdann has other, more conventional, spacious homes as well:

This structure, belonging to nox Pinion of Tea & Strychnine, seems more at home in Murdann, with plenty of space beside it, than its counterpart in Caledon Downs.

Murdann even has something unusual in the water - Nessie!

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