Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Japanese Whispers

I had been experiencing a sense of ennui with the Occident this week, so I decided to explore some of the Japanese sims.

First up: Kyoto Bakumatsu.

When in Edo, and all that...I bowed to a wooden chest.

The samurai had a sharp sword. I had a gun.

This picture was taken for no other reason than the sheer beauty of it.

Next, Keisei, another sim that tries to recapture the glory of shogunate Japan. (Oddly, the sim also has a landing strip with a hanger for modern aircraft, a desert, a flying, tour-giving dragonfly, and more. There is something to be said for consistency of theme.)
I take some tea.

Finally, for something a little more modern, Mordreds Crossing goes for the look and feel of 1930s Tokyo, in the Ginza district.
Subways, streetcars...but mostly shopping. In Japanese.
One interesting feature, however, is this door. When clicked, it does not open. Rather, it drops a Linden from above. The fall does not seem to hurt them.

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