Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Brunswick Recon

After reading alarming dispatches from the new nation of New Brunswick, and reports of skirmishes along the Caer Firnas border, I thought a closer inspection might be worthwhile.

Mysteriously, the warships in the harbor appeared to be deserted. I docked my airship in an adjoining space and waited anxiously for armed guards to arrive, and...nothing. Silence. I explored the military garrison, a military supply shop, a mansion containing Egyptian-themed merchandise, and a flower shop.

One possible explanation for the silence was the presence of a Caledonian gunship patrolling the border between Caer Firnas and New Brunswick. (And a smart salute to Mr. Alex Chadbourne, who was commanding the gunship!)

But I stumbled across a second explanation: though the town appears somewhat rustic, and technologically far behind the steam-powered nations, such as Caledon and New Babbage, at least one of the Brunswickers has a command center high above the town:

I looked through the control room for clues to the townspeople's intentions, but found none. Hearing approaching footsteps, I used the mysterious transportation device to return to the surface, and ran for my airship.

All in all, a less-than-satisfactory result in terms of useful intelligence gathered. New Brunswick may be an area on which to maintain vigilance.

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