Monday, June 1, 2009

Insilico Redux

Once upon a time - July 14, 2008, to be exact - Rhianon visited Insilico, the cyberpunk role-playing sim in which the future at least looked fabulous. I decided to visit to update that entry.

The first thing I noted was that the original sim had expanded to five. I began in the main Insilico sim, where a scanning device swept over me until it decided I was harmless enough.

I wandered into a diner - they don't change much in the future, I suppose - and had a look about.

The new, larger area allows for more variety in the build, including the low-rent district (shown below - garbage collection strikes appear to remain with us in the future).

The build is unrelentingly dark, which makes seeing objects clearly difficult.

The lag was incredible. I would have stayed and explored longer, but I became frustrated by my inability to move. Other people were there, but not in such numbers that I would have expected a large performance hit on the sims. I saw little in the way of scripted objects, either. On the other hand, the various parts of the sims likely use a great number of prims and many textures, so that could have contributed to the molassas-like atmosphere in which I moved.

Although Insilico is a role-playing sim, with its own web site that describes the rules, the character types, the back story, and so on, no one seemed to be role playing. The natives dressed in appropriately space-y costume, but all seemed to prefer lying back conversing to moving along a story line. Given the lag, it was hard to blame them.

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