Sunday, June 7, 2009


Having spent time in Murdann, I traveled to nearby Wyre to admire the houses. Though most are private residences, and thus can be admired from the exterior only, the lovely structures nestled into the charming setting make the visit worthwhile.

The Baxton-Robbiani Estate

Zephyr Hill

TDH Estate

Claridge Homestead

Left to right: Tea & Strychnine, Caledon Peace Society, Wyre Town Hall

Aud's Light, with Murdann in the background

Not pictured is an outpost of Radio Riel, and the H.P. Lovecraft Museum of the Paranormal. The latter has a poison garden - very educational. (I was a little surprised not to run into any of the Merry Widows either gathering pointers or herbs. Fortunately, that left more for me.)

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