Thursday, June 11, 2009

It Seems So Wrong...

...but it feels so right. Well, not that I would know. At this very moment, on the boardwalk in Loch Avie, stands a trio of poseballs. Though one cannot see it in the picture below, the two pink ones say "Duchess" while the one in the middle reads "?". Yes, a duchess sandwich, and you can be the meat - for a price.

This *cough* once in a lifetime opportunity is being auctioned off for RFL. The high bidder as of June 20 at 8:30 p.m. SLT wins this fabulous prize.

In other news, Dr. Mason reports that Lady Lavendar Beaumont has departed Caledon - and, indeed, Second Life altogether. I hoped this was a mistake - a miscommunication, a misunderstanding - as certainly it must be. But alas, Lady Beaumont left a note in her Profile that reads, in part:
My beloved partner has been devoured by RL and will not be back. Without
him there is nothing left for me. It has been a very interesting ride and
I believe I have grown from it.
This leaving must stop! I will pout, I warn you all, and the sight will not be pretty.

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