Monday, June 22, 2009

...But It's Still Rock & Roll to Me

Zindra. Sin City. Well, Kama City, actually. Miss Orr's "Greyhound bus station from 1949." They can dress it up, but it's still a hub filled with avatars trying to look cool and talking nonsense among themselves. I was reminded of the Billy Joel song: "New Wave, dance craze, anyways it's still rock & roll to me." It's the inanity of what passes for much of SL.

Now, I realize the Lindens are still in the process of moving the seamy underbelly of Second Life (yeah, registered trademark and all that) to...what was it? Zima? Zuma? Oh, right, Zindra. But when I went, it was a sterile environment.

The weird "traffic lights" on the roads that run as a grid throughout much of the continent are ugly, distracting, and pointless. Just to show how much of a rebel I am, I ran the red light. Twice.

Of course, I'm part of the large group of people who never saw the need for placing the red-light district into a ghetto, and who thought that doing so created more problems (what does constitute "adult" material, anyway?) than it solved. Maybe it will be more interesting as time goes on. It would almost have to be.

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