Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Curse of Glamorgan

Not a month ago, I noted several changes in Rothesay. Two months before that, Rhianon explored the new Wunderbar embassy in Rothesay. I saw that Miss McGimsie had placed her parcel - which carried with it the title of Glamorgan - on the market, and the other day I saw that the embassy was gone and the land was pancake flat.

On the opposite corner of Rothesay, the Four Winds people had purchased Miss Rosewood's property, though that parcel was similarly flat. Miss Anderton's land was in recovery from the recent RFL event, leaving Laird Brideswell's property the only thing I could photograph:

All these changes in ownership since the fairly recent founding of Rothesay in the aftermath of the Openspace sim debacle got me thinking: are some lands cursed? Is there a Curse of Glamorgan, given by the original Duke, Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan, and fated to remain until the Lab becomes wiser?

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