Saturday, June 27, 2009

JJ's Rezday Party

Miss Serra Anansi hosted a (slightly) belated rezday party for the esteemed Mr. JJ Drinkwater. I went on the early side to pay my respects to one of the nicest people on the grid.

A crowd quickly gathered at Taure En Lor to dance, chat, and generally cause a good time to occur.

Sir JJ, dressed in "kilt and tattoos," as he put it. To his right, Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy.

Miss Garnet Psalterey and Mr. Alastair Whybrow, with Mr. Nix Sands in the background.

Miss Uni Ninetails and hostess Emilly Orr.

Victrola Jocket Miss Gabrielle Riel, Miss Serra Anansi, and Mr. Steadman Kondor.

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