Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Brunswick

Piloting the Hangover One through Caer Firnas, I looked to the south and saw a small mountain. Wait a minute, I thought, Caer Firnas lies at the southern end of Caledon. That can't be right. I checked my coordinates - I was right where I thought I was. I checked my eyesight - seemed fine. I checked my absinthe supply - I hadn't been drinking much. No, there was land where no land should have been.

The lighthouse safely welcomed travelers, and I moved cautiously through the land that had clearly risen from the ocean not long before. It was called New Brunswick, and, though part of the Caledonian continent, appeared not to be part of Caledon.

The buildings were also under construction, but showed signs that a large and prosperous people would soon be living there.

Perhaps of more interest to the Guvnah and to the martial-minded people (such as Commodore O'Toole), the New Brunwickians already possessed a navy.

I turned the airship around - I had no permission to be in their airspace - and beat a hasty retreat back to Caledon before I was seen, taking one last picture along the way.

What a surprising development!

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