Friday, June 26, 2009

Obolenskidonia, or New Babbage Changes Hands

Ah, the fickle hand of fate!

No sooner than I had posted an account of my recent trip to Babbage when I heard of Doctor Obolensky's ouster of Clockwinder Tenk and the Doctor's coup d' etat. (News sometimes travels slowly to Caledon.)

I returned to Babbage, only to find it a much grimmer place. Signs of the occupation were everywhere: Smashington mechanical guards, slogans plastering the walls propagandizing for Doctor Obolensky, a citizenry scarce to be seen.

And yet...signs of resistance as well.

Propaganda - and counter-propaganda

Elsewhere, others recount the capture and deposition of the Clockwinder. One can only hope he is well, wherever he may be drifting.

Doctor Obolensky sent a missive to the Babbagers, which I reproduce below:

Tremble before me you insignificant worms!

Just last evening, my ship came in, quite literally! Some of you may remember my
mechanical army that occasionally patrolled my former lair at Clockspire Cove.

Well, little did any of you suspect, that far from being destroyed when Clockspire met its doom, they were spirited away to a secret warehouse! A few improvements here and there, and they were ready for the Day of Reckoning! Today!

My cunning plans have removed the Clockwinder from the picture, and when, or should I say if, his dull-witted sidekick returns from his diplomatic mission, he will find New Babbage to be a thing of past, and Obolenskidonia risen in it's place!

Some of you will find my rule an easy yoke, as you will be shrewd enough not to irritate me with babble like "But I don't want to work in the factory", or "Please, please, not my spleen."

Others, will not be so intelligent, and will find themselves quickly in the clutches of my merciless mechanical minions!

Those of you interested in positions in the lucrative fields of tax collection, curfew enforcement, sweatshop management, or counter-revolutionary elimination, please contact my agents.-

Overlord Obolensky, MD, CVB.

The Doctor leaves no question who is in charge

I encountered one of the metal beasts and raised my shotgun to it, discharging my entire load at its ghastly face, but to no avail.

Shotgun blasts were ineffective against the Smashingtons

Outside Town Hall

A small sign of encouragement from Caledon?

I stare out the window: Babbage seems a little more soiled than usual today

One can only hope that the oppressive yoke of tyranny is lifted soon, and the democratic reign of Clockwinder Tenk is resumed as quickly as possible. Still, a little discipline never hurt anyone. Perhaps Doctor Obolensky can use his time in power to clean up Babbage's urchin problem...

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