Friday, June 5, 2009

Should You Look Like Your Typist?

Okay, I understand about body image issues in SL. Women are all anorexically skinny and each has a well-shaped bosom. Men have six-pack abs and biceps the size of Mark McGuire on 'roids. Maybe this isn't realistic, maybe it creates unreasonable expectations in RL. Well, to quote Nero Wolfe, pfui. It's fantasty. Normal people understand that the typist has, um, issues. (Perhaps supermodels hang out in SL on their off hours. But I doubt it.)

Here is the alternative:

The young lady's profile says that she tried to make her avatar resemble her RL self. Points for bravery. Points off for pointlessness.

(I don't know if you, Gentle Reader, would feel better or worse knowing that the shoes have a great deal of bling to them. I'll confess that the bling is distracting, which is usually a bad thing. Here, however...)

I'm still shaking a little from that encounter.

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