Sunday, June 14, 2009

Second Life's Alices

Given the Alice-in-Wonderland style of much of SL, it's little wonder that Alice in Wonderland seems to be a popular theme across the grid. A search brings up more than 30 returns, from shops to the Caledon II hedge maze to full role-playing sims. Rhianon posted on the Distorted Dreams shop recently. I decided to take a journey across various Wonderlands to see how visions of the same books differed.

Nevaria (above) has been revamped considerably from the last time I visited, back in December. Although the notecard discusses the back story, which springs from the Alice books, it never seemed to be particularly Alice-centric. Now it is even less Alice and more generic "medieval town with creepy castle." The sim is still a "heavy RP" area, so participants are expected to be in character at all times.

Black Pearl Beach has an Alice ride. Nicely done, with a buggy that takes one through the various areas. Some lag issues, but it was worth the trip.

I follow the direction

Delirium starts out in an Alice-themed area, complete with "drink me" sign, Cheshire cat, "Eat me" catnip...but then leads above the sewer level into...a grungy urban shopping area. It's as though no one knows what to do with the Alice theme once they have it.

Delirium boasts playing cards and chess pieces

I take tea among the mushrooms while the Sendak-like Cheshire Cat lurks behind

In the next segment, I discover that some people think the Alice canon is suitable for naughtiness.

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