Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hair Fair 2009 - Walking in Molassas Toward a Sugar Overdose

I made the mistake of wandering to Hair Fair 2009 one morning. Foolishly, I had thought that, because the number in-world was around 50K, the fair itself would be bearable.

How wrong I was. The initial sim had 46 avatars in it. Time dilation was down to 0.10 much of the time. Walking was neigh impossible; when it happened at all, it was like moving through molassas. Textures would not rez - textures of hair which, um, is the point of the whole thing, no?

After a half hour - and making it through perhaps half of one sim - I gave up. But here, preserved for posterity, are two representative photos of the build. I felt as though I had ingested an entire package of Smarties, topped off with a package of Twizzlers.

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