Monday, April 20, 2009

The Art of Bryn Oh

Somewhere - New World News, I believe, but I can no longer accurately recall - I read about the Steampunk-themed art of Miss Bryn Oh, currently on display at the home of Role magazine, in the Concetta sim.

What is fascinating about these works of art is that their appearance differs depending on the angle and distance at which one views them. Above, the flowers change texture and color, while, below, the books pages change as one walks through them.

From a distance, the syringe plunges into a gray slab...

...while, up close, the slab changes to show a woman's face and a multitude of colors and symbols:

Other pieces are very much Steampunk-oriented:

The next post continues with more of Miss Oh's work from her own sim of Immersiva.

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