Monday, April 6, 2009


Following up Dr. Fabre's mention of the Mieville sim - or sims, really - I took the opportunity to visit.

The theme is a Victorian one, with some Steampunk influences. One has to imagine that the sims were designed with the novels of China Mieville in mind. Not having read them myself, I couldn't say one way or the other.

The first sim, and the only one that appears more or less complete, is Mieville Doyle. The main street contains a number of shops, including names both familiar (To-a-T, Caliber House, Rfyre, Curious Seamstress, and Gor-jus Animations) and unfamiliar (Pure Magic, Ashbourne jewelers, and Star Kindler Designs (though this appears to be owned by Miss Elbereth Nightfire, who recently opened Amaranthus in Cape Wrath)) to me.

Other parts of the sim include a ballroom,...

...and a stone chapel with what appears to be an adjoining manse, along with a playground, several large Victorian houses, a pond with a gazebo in the middle, and flowers everywhere.

The other sims are not yet complete. Verne, just north of Doyle, has a number of Italianate gardens (at least, that's what it looks like to me):

At any rate, these spaces are formally laid out and symmetric, and often, as in the picture above, have the sculptured tall bushes I associate with that style.

The Shelley sim, though relatively unfinished, has an Egyptian-style building, the "Temple of the Moon."

The Twain sim, similarly unfinished, has a large boat dock.

And the Wells sim appears to house the industrial works.
Though hard to read, the factory is cheekily labeled "Sweatshop Products."

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