Sunday, April 12, 2009

Touring Perenelle by Brolly

Being an enthusiast of Miss Ordinal Malaprop's firearms, is was intruiged when she announced a Transitory Umbrella, and provided a demonstration version thereof on the emergent Caledon Perenelle.

Feeling quite like Mary Poppins, I took the tour of the islands via Umbrella. It is quite the experience. Having been thus invigorated, I chose a second option, something involving jellyfish. I was not reassured when the device suggested I arm myself as quickly as possible. My fears were realized when the device dumped me unceremoniously in the water. I removed myself from the water, but, of course, I was soaked to the skin and quite irritable. I soothed myself by taking several shots at a large crate - the ammunition having, miraculously, survived the dunking - until, mysteriously, I found myself back at home.

All quite unnerving, let me assure you.

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