Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steampunk Firearms

We live in a dangerous world, so I'm always happy to increase my personal arsenal with a new firearm. I was delighted to see the communique from the Terminal 3 Airship Dock regarding a new line of Steampunk-inspired firearms.

After making my way to the landing site, I found the correct building:

In addition to firearms, the shop sells airships, each of which can be rezzed for display. Below, a luxury model:

I purchased a Pistol which, as one can see below, is a fiercesome-looking device. It can fire twenty rounds before reloading, in either automatic or semi-automatic modes.

Below, a close-up view of the pistol.

I'm afraid I kept the neighbors in Caledon Downs awake last night, practicing with the pistol in my ballroom. I shall have to call the plasterer and glazier to do some repairs today. Burglars, beware!

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