Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brigadoon Springs Roman Steam Baths

One never knows what might be unearthed in Caledon. The most recent discovery is one by Miss Astrofiammante Seminario, Roman steam baths in Brigadoon Springs. Miss Seminario has neatly restored the baths, and they are open to the public.

As the sign attests, the water may have great benefits, curing nervous conditions, digestive ills, vapors, and so on. Though I suffer from none of these - save perhaps an unfortunate set of head and stomach ailments after consuming more absinthe than is strictly good for me - one can never have too much Good Health, so I entered, and changed into attire more appropriate for a work of such antiquity.

The baths are heated through this clever system:

Inside the baths, I started with a refreshing cup of water from the spring:

I sat for a moment in the quiet garden, admiring the flowers.

I soaked in the hot bath for some time...

...before taking in the refreshing cool bath.

Having tended to the body, I then tended to the soul, through meditation.

Returning to the ground seemed a bit risky though. Should I use this contraption?

Despite appearances, the device returned me safely, so I was able to return home and write this report.

Shockingly, the baths permit men and women to cohabitate, so ladies should be prepared to find a gentleman already enjoying a good soak. Whether this is viewed as a Detriment or an Asset is a matter between each lady and her Conscience.

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