Friday, April 3, 2009

Steampunk Songs - Doctor Sabo

Inspired in equal parts by the Beatles' "Doctor Roberts," Tom Waits' "What's He Doing in There?", and some of the madder scientists in Caledon. (You know who you are.)

Doctor Sabo

He prefers to work in stormy weather
Harnessing electricity, donning leather
Gloves and apron, stiff with blood
Is he evil, mad, or just misunderstood?

What is he cooking up in the lab?
A mix of a rabbit and a dungenees crab.
He experiments with the human genome
Crossed with a vulture's chromosome.

Doctor Sabo - he's a genius
Doctor Sabo - he's a madman
Creating life to come out and play.
Doctor Sabo - he's demented
Doctor Sabo - he's a wizard
Wreaking havoc 'til they put him away.

Don't let it escape from its metal cage,
Loosed with fangs and pent-up rage.
If it comes for you, this monster and freak,
Your last sound will be but a girlish shriek.


Doctor Sabo has invented his very own phylum
Now he's locked safely in the lunatic asylum
With plans for talons on a Barbary ape.
Better start running when he makes his escape.


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