Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Return to Penzance

Caledon is so large that it becomes easy to not visit certain areas for weeks or months at a time. Things change, of course, in that time. Sometimes, the area is nearly no longer recognizable!

One foggy morning, I found myself in Penzance. The first thing that I saw was a new pub, the Salty Mermaid. Naturally, I had to see for myself. The pub turned out to be owned by none other than Mr. Oolon Sputnik, the Time Lord himself! Although the landlord was not home when I passed through, I shall return, and I expect an out-of-this world beverage.

Mr. Draco Nacht, of NachtMusik, has a piratical shop docked nearby. A true pirate of Penzance!

Miss Fatima Ur now has several shops, including a branch of her Antique Artistry,...

...and a shop called Simply Homes.

Mr. Incanus Merlin has opened IncWell Textures - how Caledonians do love a good pun!

The Emporium is Miss Martini Discovolante's shop.

Here, on the corner, Miss Poppet McGimsie has set out some of her wares.

I had heard Miss Ceidru Gothly had a shop - Hare Couture - and here it was! The wares reflect Miss Gothly's whimsical sense of humor.

Speaking of whimsical, this beast was out prowling. Someone's idea of a joke? He didn't look too hungry, so I gave him a hasty pat on the head and moved on.

Finally, behind the train station lies Mr. Nix Sands' shop, Xcentricity.

Many places have stayed the same, of course. The RCAF airfield, the Gaiety Theater, and so on. But the new Penzance is quite different from the old.

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