Saturday, April 11, 2009

Listening to "Wind in the Willows"

The Caledon Library hosted the monthly listening party for yet another chapter of The Wind in the Willows. No giant myself, I still felt a little out of place in Tinyville last month, so I decided to take in the chapter in the Library at Oxbridge.

A Mr. Bibliographic Difference, a badger (or perhaps a mole - I am a little shaky on my rodents) (yes, I know a badger is not a rodent but, as TWitW shows us, the badger can be friends with both a mole and a rat, as well as a toad; what this has to do with anything is far from clear), hosted the gathering at Oxbridge, while Mr. Drinkwater did the same in Tinyville.

Clockwise, from lower left: Miss EppieBlack Wheatcliffe, Miss Ash Smithson, moi, and Mr. Difference

We gathered around the table and selected beverages from the automated dispener in the middle, then settled in to listen to the reading.

Standing to the right: Miss Athena Paneer

Mr. dj Zemenis and Miss Paneer

Although the crowd at Oxbridge was not large, it was pleasant to meet some newcomers.

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