Saturday, April 18, 2009


Another "better late than never post." The day before Easter, I had heard rumors that the Easter Bunny had come to town - specifically, Victoria City. Setting out via airship, with young Miss Minako Masala along with me, we encountered this creature in the center of Victoria City:

Here is another view of the creature:

I took both pictures from the air before scooting off as quickly as possible. I was only lightly armed, and had a young girl with me; I wanted to take no chances.

Now, it's certainly possible that this creature was in Caledon only to deliver Easter eggs and candies to the children. On the other hand, take a look at the size of those claws. And should he fail to notice a pedestrian far below him...let's just say that if you hear a crunch and a splat, you really hope someone dropped an Easter egg.

Belated best wishes to all on the occasion of Easter!

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