Monday, April 20, 2009

Roman Style

[I see that I'm getting remiss in these entries, and Kathy has taken up the slack. I do have several entries to get to, if only time permits. - RJ]

When the announcement came from Miss Melanippe Karas, "Would anyone like to go on a tour of Roman brothels?" well, who could say no to such a line?

A fine crowd gathered in Roma - an amusing mixture of the toga-clad and those in Victorian garb.

As it turned out, this was an historical discussion, rather than a demonstration. Nothing hands-on, fortunately. Mr. Torin Golding led the discussion, and around 25 people attended all or part of it.

After introductory remarks in the courtyard (pictured above), Mr. Golding led the group upstairs, where various displays along the walls provided information regarding Roman, ah, practices. The ladies of the group, far from being shocked, as I would have expected, expressed their displeasure at the ancient Roman ways insofar as the laws and mores of the time seemed a tad unfair to the fairer sex. Thank goodness for the more enlightened age of Victoria!

A fine, educational outing for me. I do believe the informational placards are on permanent display for those with the constitution to bear them.

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