Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Avenue of Progress in Port Caledon

I paid a visit to Port Caledon's new "Avenue of Progress," a collection of Steampunk-y shops along a street stretching west from the telehub to the ocean. (Note to anyone visiting for the first time: this is a killer telehub, as it lies only a step or so from the trolley tracks. It is a Caledon rite of passage to arrive at the telehub, take a step, and have a trolley run you over. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Facing west down the Avenue of Progress

Along the south side of the street (left on the picture above) is Amazing Furniture, followed by CAS Fine Foods, Amazing Steam & Gearheads Pub, and, finally, Chernov Labs.

Looking east, toward the telehub, along the Avenue of Progress

On the north side of the street, starting from the telehub, lies Port Caledon Bookcases, followed by La Bicyclette, and Veliz Chandelier & Lighting.

Of course, Port Caledon has long been home to other Steampunk-themed shops, including Steampunk & Tesla, Mr. Greggan's Phun-Stuph Amusements & Novelties, as well as more conventional stores, including Chimeric Arts & Fashions and Arundel Design.

Other Steampunk-themed stores abound

Looming over the town is one of Miss Falcon's Tesla Towers

The Avenue of Progress signals to all of Caledon that the Steam Age has arrived!

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