Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Red and the Wild

The artist AM Radio has a new installation at IDIA Laboratories, so I journeyed there to see it. (I wasn't the only one, as the pictures below show. Mr. Radio has quite a following.)

The installation has a number of motifs recognizable to those familiar with his earlier works: the door at an odd angle, the train, the watery expanse, and the house.

This time the house has an odd red...something emanating from it. Symbolizing fire? Just because?

Neo-Victorians would be at home in his houses, and this one is no exception. Up the stairs (unpictured) is a manual sewing machine. Here, the wash basin is filled via a hand pump.

Up the stairs, the eponymous A.M. radio sits on the floor, next to the beginning of the red shape seen over the house. I stand in the intense ray of light.

Upon arrival at the telehub, one is given a HUD that restricts one's view and has five or so clickable areas, each of which shows a different point of view in the sim. Below, one such view shows the train, on the tracks, above the shallow water, with a number of water towers in the distance.

Another view show the house from overhead.

The rear of the train also plays with light in a most unusual way.

I confess that I have no idea what this installation is intended to represent, beyond an almost hallucinogenic vision of an idealized past. Still, I find Mr. Radio's work to be endlessly fascinating. I leave it to others to find meaning in it.

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