Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clockwork Masquerade Ball for RFL

Caledon RFL held a Clockwork Masquerade Ball yesterday evening, high above Brigadoon. The setting was a spectacular library. Our hostesses, Miss Kiralette Kelley and Miss Gabrielle Riel (handling the musical duties) invited guests to come in masque and steampunk-inspired clothing.

The RFL fundraiser involved a set of Caledon action figures, modeled and named after well-known figures, such as Miss Riel, Lord Edward Pearse, Sir JJ Drinkwater, Lady Diamada Gustafson, and many others.

Miss Avariel Falcon does the robot dance in front of the Lady Fogwoman Gray action figure.

Mr. Garth Goode in masque and steamy hat.

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach in a resplendent outfit.

A very clockwork Miss Annachen Lowey.

Miss Nocti Heliosense arrives in style.

I do my thing in one of Miss Laval's steampunk-inspired outfits, a pair of goggles around my neck.

Miss Saffia Widdershins and Miss Vulpine Eldrich dance.

[Hey, I have Miss W.'s dress as well, and absolutely wear it to death! - RJ]

I "bust a move," as the youngsters might one day say.


Nocti Heliosense said...

I did not know that I had been seen arriving, much less photographed. :) At that moment I was looking for a place to land (after a circuit of the building I jumped in through the open roof of the side room). It is indeed a spectacular library and I was charmed by the flying books high overhead. A very enjoyable event all around.

On a side note, I nearly always fly rather than using the teleport technology when traveling within Caledon and Winterfell. We get into such a rush these days! I find the slower mode of travel gives me an understanding of the geography of the land, discovering points of interest and the opportunity to meet people along the way.

Some time ago I attempted touring the old world of The Mainland by air but knocked myself silly against ban lines and encountered other Places Where I Was Not Welcome. The roads are the only reliably safe routes. There are some noteworthy places with friendly inhabitants there, but Aerial Travelers should be prepared (and take plenty of spare parts along).

Hmmmm...that is a longish "side note". When I digress I do not do it by half-measure.

Kathy Jameson said...

Miss Heliosense, your arrival was noted only by happy accident - I was attempting an exterior shot at the time!

I quite agree with the principle of aerial travel through Caledon, though occasionally, in the interest of time, I resort to the teleportation system. (Living next to the Tamrannoch border doesn't help, as I tend to be rudely expelled from my vehicle at the crossing.) I have had similarly frustrating experiences on the Mainland, and have accumulated quite enough bruises from crashing into barriers to last a lifetime, so I've given up that sport.