Monday, April 6, 2009

Steampunk Songs - Ride My Zeppelin

Time to crank the amps up to 11 and hide the children! Inspired by AC/DC and the obvious suggestiveness of the zeppelin shape, we need a male singer for...

Ride My Zeppelin
Come on baby let's go for a ride
Way up high where the air is thin.
I can show you some amazing sights,
I can take you where you've never been.
We can set out for some magical lands
And find a spot to loot and plunder.
Come up front, put your hand on my controls,
I'll show you lightning, you can feel my thunder.

Release the line, let go the mooring
I can promise the night won't be boring
Away we go into the stratosphere
I've got you tight, there's nothing to fear so
Ride my zeppelin tonight.

Step right on in, your cabin is waiting,
We'll travel the world just like Marco Polo.
I need you next to me in the cockpit,
You know I hate it when I'm flyin' solo.
Reached cruising speed, we're at 1000 feet.
Gliding in baby I don't need to explain
Though your Mom and Dad think it's all wrong
You and me darling are on another moral plane.


It's obvious I'm a zeppelin not a blimp:
You can see right away that my girders are strong.
It's built for the long haul, keep us going for hours
And you knew our real destination all along.
Losing gas now, we're comin' down hard,
Gotta find us a place so we can land this bird.
A flash of lightning and we're shooting sparks,
I'm blowing up just like the Hindenburg.


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