Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loch Avie RFL Kiosks

Miss Ilsa Munro has generously devoted a number of valuable prims in Loch Avie to supporting RFL.

Between the train station and the shore now lies a boardwalk with the now-familiar 2009 RFL signs.

Just hanging around the boardwalk is the Drama Llama, with a sign warning that other such creatures "will be shot and mounted - not necessarily in that order."

The boardwalk stretches out a long way across the shoreline, with a gazebo and carousels in the background, and a huge collection of merchandise to benefit RFL, made possible by a number of generous and talented people. I managed to drop some serious change benefit RFL while I was there.

I might also draw the reader's attention to some sights below the water's surface, just beyond the boardwalk. First, a mysterious glass tube, perfect for ejecting hazardous waste, or perhaps must making a quick getaway.

Second, one of Miss Munro's creations - a steampunk submarine - and, if I am not mistaken, available for sale at one of the RFL kiosks just above.

One has to worry just a tad that the duchess is poised for such a quick getaway, but I suppose that, these days, one can't be too careful...

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