Monday, March 16, 2009

The Aether Salon Shimmies

Sunday's Aether Salon in New Babbage was entitled "Shimmy!" and celebrated the burlesque show. Miss Ahnyanka Delphin, owner of the New Champagne Rooms, and Miss Ceejay Writer, who, among her many talents, performs in the New Champagne Rooms, provided a history of burlesque, from its beginnings as a method of social commentary by women on their roles and the limitations thereof, to its ending as a somewhat tawdry show in which women revealed as much as the law would allow.

Miss Writer:

Miss Delphin:

As usual, the salon was well-attended, even by some who perhaps did not appreciate the finer points of the lecture. Below, the young Mr. Dreddpiratebob Streeter:

I sit in the audience (far left), with Miss Ghilayne Andrew (standing), Miss Redgrrl Llewellyn, and Mr. Ambrose Steampunk (standing, at right):

Miss Llewellyn, in particular, was most appreciative of the discussion.

Miss blakopal Galicia:

Miss Viv Trafalgar, left, and Miss Bookworm Heinrichs:

One of the ways in which burlesque provided commentary involved the female performers dressing as men. Below, Miss Delphin shows the power of the female form when clad in men's apparel:

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