Friday, March 13, 2009


I was in Victoria Station, waiting for the train to arrive, when I met Miss Conjunctio Magic and Mr. Jays Munro. We got to talking, as people waiting are wont to do, and I discovered that they were from a land called Conjunctio, and it was a place where the old ways were not yet dead, where magic sometimes happened. Being nice people, they invited me to stop by when I had a chance. Being who I am, I immediately accepted.

I arrived near a bridge that led to an ancient castle.

The interior of the castle showed few signs of modernization,... in the cozy bedroom.

The dining hall was spacious but cold, deep in the bowels of the unheated castle. "Please pass the salt," I exclaimed, but no one heard.

Descending still further, I discovered the crypt.

The alabaster skin of this ancient one looked supple, as though some magic had maintained the body long after the spirit departed.

Outside the castle was where the real magic lay, in the open fields. I encountered Miss Magic and Mr. Munro. We greeted one another and, as we conversed, several travelers on horseback came by.

They explained: conjuctio is "the alchemical term for the union of opposites, the sacred marriage....The alchemical partnership seeks, in essence, to find each person's own divinity through the conscious assistance of another who, in intimate relationship, mirrors back all the aspects of the other's soul which lay hidden." The "mystical spring meadows and lake" invite exploration, or introspection, or spending some time with a loved one.

The group operates two neighboring areas. The couples theme continues:

Though I lacked a partner, I returned anyway, to sit under the stars and contemplate:

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