Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vampiric Activity on Aether Isle?

Rising from the soil of Aether Isle is this large gothic structure:

Creepy, no? I summoned my courage to investigate more closely. The door is immense:

The interior is similarly enormous, though sparsely furnished, with only wall hangings to brighten the decor:

The size of the building can be seen here, rising above the Falcon Tower and to the level of the nearby Sky City:

What evil purpose does this building serve? And evil it must be, for the atmosphere inside is positively chilly. One possibility is suggested by the name of the building, contained in a small tag: "Desferatu's Southern Dacha." [There is clearly some in joke that I'm missing, but, no matter, I'm just making it up as I go along anyway.] The reference to Nosferatu is clear, but the meaning is not - has our Guvnah been bitten and turned, and now must seek the dark, feeding on unsuspecting Caledonians? (If so, note to Des: Oxbridge. Lots and lots of new blood.)

Below the ground level lies a laboratory. Could it be for Miss Gray to experiment on ways to restore the Guvnah to his human condition? Or is this the new home for her ongoing experiments in genetic manipulation?

Perhaps the truth lies elsewhere. I would entertain other explanations for the purpose of the building and its laboratory, but I fear the worst possible outcome: the Guvnah has started to play Bloodlines.

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