Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Afternoon/Hackney Cab Ride

It's a lazy afternoon for my typist, recovering from a grunge of some sort, sad that the 60-degree day of Friday has turned into a 40-degree day today with colder temperatures to come, and girding her loins against the threatened 4-9 inches of snow predicted to fall overnight. C'mon, fellas, it's March, and we've made it this far without noticeable snowfall in Washington, DC. Shouldn't the temperatures be rising?

I make no claims to great beauty, but, really, there should be limits. This lady, rezzed in 2006, goes by the name of Jacki Heart. One is blinded by the radioactive hair, which may allow one to fail to notice the watermelons in her chest, or the impossibly wasp-waisted figure. Meanwhile, I'm blinded and, likely, sterile.

Inventor Tesla Steampunk found himself in Caledon On Sea, where he saw this sign in front of Miss Hypatia Callisto's ArtSeduction.

Dr. Steampunk set out for a leisurely amble across Caledon On Sea.

The poor guy needs a haircut, I know, but that's what it's like with those eccentric scientist types.

All of a sudden, there's a horse's head in his cab! "I say," Dr. Steampunk exclaimed, "this is neither clean nor sober!"
The horse was, fortunately, friendly, and explained (in its own language, which Dr. S. learned to understand some years ago) that he - the horse - was merely attempting to pull the hackney behind, which was rezzed a little too quickly by another eager passenger. Dr. Steampunk nodded sagely to the horse, accepted the apology, and the cab took off.

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