Monday, March 2, 2009

I Take an Air Taxi

Having visited Oxbridge Village on foot, I felt a tad weary - I had a brief discussion with a young person (the Young Person volunteered her age as 13, though I will confess that the language barrier might have created some confusion on that point),* which might have contributed to my tired state - and was not enthused about the prospect of walking home.

Then I saw the air taxi to Steam Sky City land, and thought I could take it to SSC, where I could rest my bones at the YWCA. I entered the vehicle with a little trepidation: I had to trust a pilotless system.

The plane took off and headed west, between Cymru and Oxbridge.

Had there been a human pilot, I would have tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he really knew where he was supposed to be headed. As it was, I could do nothing but sit and hope. Does this thing have a parachute?

There was no need to worry, however. The plane banked sharply and turned north, and we passed over Oxbridge, then Oxbridge Village, before heading into Steam Sky City and parking at the marine terminal.

Thus safely landed, I made my way to the teleportation device and into the City itself. A most highly recommended method of transportation between Oxbridge Village and SSC, should your personal airship be in the repair shop.

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