Sunday, March 15, 2009

Space Pirates of the Caledonian!

This year's RFL kickoff for Caledon continued the "pirates" theme, following "Pirates of the Caledonian" (2007) and "Sky Pirates of the Caledonian" (2008). Team Captain Kiralette Kelley, and host and hostess Alfonso Avalanche and Fuschia Begonia, held the event high above Wellsian. Below, the pirate ship, with guns blazing:

The guns fired every time a donation was made, so there was a near-constant barrage. "Take that, ye scurvy landlubbers!"

Below, Cap'n Kelley (left) and Miss Begonia (right, with the big-a** cigar and bottle of rum):

Mr. Roy Smashcan and Miss Magdalena Kamenev. Miss Kamenev later cleared some dance floor space with what she called her "battle-axe of love." One can only ponder the implications.

Space piratical strongman Alfonso Avalanche:

Miss CronoCloud Creeggan, looking very much the saucy wench:

Fraulein Annechen Lowey, looking like...headmistress in space. :)

Mr. Smashcan, Her Grace Gabrielle Riel - Radio Riel provided the appropriately spacey music - Miss Saffia Widdershins, Miss Kamanev, and Miss Darlingmonster Ember:

Mr. Podruly Peccable (left), and Mr. Thadicus Caligari (right):

Your Humble Narrator, shaking her moneymaker:

Miss Terry Lightfoot:

Miss Caladon Rae:

The Duke and Duchess of Caer Firnas, Mr. Vivito Volare (a little hard to see, as he is being smothered by his anamorata) and Miss Fogwoman Gray:
By the time I left, the event had over thirty attendees keeping the big guns firing. A most successful kickoff to RFL 2009 for Caledon!

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