Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cape Wrath Coastline

As I noted in the last post, Kathy was overflying Middlesea last night. This was merely en route to Cape Wrath, where I had asked her to survey the coastal buildings.

First, she took a detour to Strathspey, where the ruins of an old castle rise from the island.

In Cape Wrath, she noted that Miss Kelley's teahouse displayed RFL banners.

Flying low along the coast.

The archeological dig appears to be coming along nicely.

A tower whose purpose appears to be that of harnessing energy, though for what experiments one could not say.

Some houses hearken back to a simpler time.

Mr. Smashcan's Norseman pub, open for business as always!

Approaching the consulate of Fatima.

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