Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Tree Grows in Caledon

The Guv suggested that what Caledon needed was more trees, and that we might try to add some trees to parcels that were otherwise somewhat barren, to the extent that the parcel owners were going to be away from Caledon for a longish time.

I certainly like trees, and would be happy to see more. My little 512m^2 parcel doesn't seem to want to support large trees; my 1024m^2 parcel is more suited to that. Both need more shrubbery and spring flowers, something I've been lax in getting around to.

The best part about trees in Caledon: no need to rake the leaves each fall. No, wait, that's the second-best part. Even better: no leaf-blowing devices! (True story: my typist lives in a development with several yard-obsessed people. One fall day a few years back, she heard a persistent drone, which turned out to be a leaf blower in action across the street. Hours later, she still heard it. Curiosity got the better of her, and she went to look. The homeowner was blowing individual leaves off a yard that, at that point, was largely devoid of leaves...or twigs, or crickets, or anything that could not withstand the gasoline-powered blower that had been in use for over four hours. Some people need psychiatric help.)

So: bring on the trees!

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